Below you will read some of the general objectives that you will need to perform in our clerkship as well as in any other EM Residency Programs:


- Perform an appropriate history and physical examination on pediatric, adult, and geriatric emergency department patients so you can recognize and prioritize urgent and emergent problems while developing a differential diagnosis and management.


- Appreciate the moral and ethical considerations in caring for medical emergencies and demonstrate the ability to efficiently, professionally, and effectively communicate with patients, families, and colleagues.


Demonstrate proper wound care and suture techniques for simple lacerations, incision and drainage of abscess, proper splinting techniques for basic orthopedic injuries.


Interpret results of complete blood counts, chemistries, urinalysis, ABGs, and other common laboratory studies; recognize common ischemic patterns and arrhythmias on ECG tracings; interpret radiological studies of the chest, abdomen, head, and extremities